The Everyday As Sacred


If there was one thing I have learned from Buddhism, it is making everyday activities sacred. One example that comes to mind is washing a bowl, and how it becomes likened to washing the Buddha, gleaming enlightenment from something so simple and taken for granted. I have tried to apply this to my life, at least in the past. Yes. I have studied some Buddhism as it was suggested to me by my Pagan mentor during one of my depressive episodes while in Undergrad. It brought me some comfort. I learned more later on, finding the above sample. Another favorite part of that book, called “Ordinary Magic”, uses a glass of orange juice as an example. At first the pulp swirls around in the glass, but if you let it sit for a while, it sinks to the bottom leaving it pure. They likened this to meditation: by sitting for a while, your thoughts settle and you begin to move beyond them to touch Nirvana.

I feel a calling to once again explore Buddhism. My life is a screwed up mess. I’m not severely depressed, but nor am I myself. Well. I have been what use to be my true self in a long time. I am so different now. But I suppose some  characteristics have remained the same. I’m growing up. I always feel my age while at work. My second oldest coworker is 21 years old. The other is 20 and the last, 19. Our supervisor left and as soon as she was gone, chaos ensued. They were running around the room flinging rubber bands at each other, kicking one another, flirting, laughing, and acting like…well…children. I want off to find Amy and encountered four supervisors in the back room. Awkward. I asked for Amy and she came out and I told her what was going on. As soon as she came back into the room, they were behaving like angels. I am getting too old. I was the Ricky and I were the only ones continuing to work. He is 31. I guess people need to have a little fun, but I felt like I was in a room full of High Schoolers.

However, looking at this from another angle, I guess they weren’t causing any harm. And I certainly still like them. Very much. I just expect a bit more maturity. But compassion is the key here. I was once their age, and sometimes I behaved rather….badly. But generally only while under the influence of a lack of sleep. I get very strange when I don’t get enough sleep. Seeing as I have insomnia now and a lack of sleep pushes me into mania. But not today. I feel so…mellow, and rather…I don’t know. Sad I suppose, but not depressed.

Focusing is proving difficult. I’ve been like that the past few days. Amy keeps asking me if I’m alright, and I say I’m fine, just zoning, but really I don’t feel fine at all. I simply don’t want to bring my issues into the workplace as they could be a distraction. Sometimes it’s hard though. I have confided in Amy a lot in the past. I can’t tell Jeff anything personal because he doesn’t want to hear it. I have warned him that I am manic from time-to-time and he just stared and was like: …yeah? And?” So I quit telling him things. Amy knows me well enough that she can see the change in my demeanor.

Where am I going with this? Damn. I wanted to make it more about Buddhism. Oh well. I need to have a devotional with Brighid. I am going to make the most out of my little candle and its carrier. Maybe she will even communicate with me. But first…I have to vacuum my carpet. It’s gross and I can’t sit on it until its clean.





About Siofra |Nathifa|

A Druid and a Kemetic Pagan. I have studied Celtic Traditions, European Shamanism, the Fairy Faith, Native American Traditions, Wicca, Witchcraft and have explored New Age beliefs. I guess you could say I'm eclectic, but right now my focus is on Druidry and Kemetic Traditions. I am by no means, an expert in any of these interests. I am also a Bard in training.
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2 Responses to The Everyday As Sacred

  1. Eilish Niamh says:

    Hugs. It really is hard to be zen about people not acting their age. I don’t like it either. I’m sorry you’re going through much personally too. I’m glad you have at least one coworker to talk to. I’ve had to live a double life when it comes to my department. I hope Brighid helped you recenter around the light within yourself, or shined a light of her own for you.

    • Thank you Elish. *hugs!* I don’t think its easy for anyone who is at a higher maturity level. I didn’t snitch to them in front of my boss’s boss and my supervisor’s supervisor (lol), I just told Amy because I felt she would have handled it best. If I told Dar, well, it would have been VERY ugly. She asked if we were hanging out and I said, “Oh yeah. Lots of hanging out going on in there.” She just laughed. I think the one kid has ADHD. As soon as she left he was running around the room doing stupid things, including marching like the Nazis did. He claims that the state of New York declares him as a terrorist because he has illegal weapons (certain guns and knives). And I know he really does own them because he has shown me pictures of his “babies”. I really don’t think that is something he should be bragging about. He is very intelligent though. But he doesn’t make the best choices. When I asked him why he wants all these weapons, he told me for “the zombie apocalypse.” I told him that was silly, so he added, “In case of a civil war.”

      It was funny. I just got done telling him about my schizophrenia, and he asks, “So, have you ever heard voices? I have.” I just laughed and said, “I’m schizophrenic, of COURSE I hear voices. And I heard n a radio that doesn’t exist.” Men usually develop schizophrenia at a younger age than women. He is in the age bracket. But I’m not a professional (yet) so I obviously can’t diagnose him. Just observe things and nod. The 20 year old girl is also immature. She talks about having feelings for several different guys, making out with them and then saying she wasn’t cheating on her boyfriend, she is just a natural flirt and doesn’t mean to. *sighs* And she overreacts over things. And finally, the 21 year old has no health insurance, is engaged, and trying to have a baby before marriage. At least her and her fiance both work. Our mutual friend…who is turning 21 today, I think, got engaged to her fiance after dating for a month, they have broke up at least 3 times, he abuses her…her body is covered in bruises (I tried turning him in but was told the victim has to come forward herself). Anyway, they are supposed to go to the Justice of the Peace to get a marriage license but her fiance blew it all on a huge flatscreen TV, Neither work, her fiance collects SSI, they don’t have health insurance and they are trying to have a baby too so that she can be pregnant buddies with my co-worker.

      I’m sorry, you probably don’t care to read all this, but carrying it around in my mind drives me crazy! And there is nothing I can do about any of it, just have to let it happen, let it go…and hope to the Gods I can get my masters degree soon.

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