As I Walk Through The Snow


As I walk through the snow,

I feel the healing vibrations

raise into my feet,

a symphony of frozen

soil, stone and flowing waters

deep beneath

the icy snow covered surface.

Each step makes me feel whole.

The standing people surround

me in dark bark and

naked limbs.

There is no wind,

but I hear the sound of the

winter nymphs playing hide

and seek between the silent trees.

The mid-day sun is over head,

and though the air is frigid,

I find my heart quietening in peace.

as I become whole again

in each step I take.

My boots leave a mark behind

in where I have tread,

I breathe freely as I stroll,

inhaling the damp cold of the land,

and the still slumbering forest.

As the walk draws to an end,

I feel that it was not long enough,

for I have been troubled greatly,

and I have needed a place to

air my thoughts and feelings,

or to forget about them as

feeling for the woods

wondrously consumes my thoughts.

Each step I take

brings me closer to being whole.


About Siofra |Nathifa|

A Druid and a Kemetic Pagan. I have studied Celtic Traditions, European Shamanism, the Fairy Faith, Native American Traditions, Wicca, Witchcraft and have explored New Age beliefs. I guess you could say I'm eclectic, but right now my focus is on Druidry and Kemetic Traditions. I am by no means, an expert in any of these interests. I am also a Bard in training.
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