North Country Winters

The snow has fallen relentlessly the past few days. Now is a reprieve yet still, the land is thickly carpeted in several layers of snow. We have not had such a winter in years. Last month we endured an ice storm that crippled the North country. Only a few weeks later we had a blizzard, another state of emergency. All this snow will melt, and there will likely be flooding. That is, however, a month away. Here are some pictures from our property:







It reminds me of the winters of my childhood, when the snow would be several feet, and my sister and I trying to dig caves in the snowbanks, back when we didn’t care so much about the chilled air, only our snow creations. Torn nostalgia strikes.


About Siofra |Nathifa|

A Druid and a Kemetic Pagan. I have studied Celtic Traditions, European Shamanism, the Fairy Faith, Native American Traditions, Wicca, Witchcraft and have explored New Age beliefs. I guess you could say I'm eclectic, but right now my focus is on Druidry and Kemetic Traditions. I am by no means, an expert in any of these interests. I am also a Bard in training.
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