What light does shine from

the inner windows of your soul,

To error in times of need,

Or blackened by the endless sea of night?

Who will lead you down the road to divine redemption,

If that is what you truly seek.

Should you pray,

If that is how you speak to God,

If a God speaks to you at all?

There is no place for denial,

An endless alley you call your home,

Or should it be that home

Calls you to the streets,

Whatever you had has now collapsed

An abyss in your history.

Yet light does shine from your eyes,

Infernal duty beckons,

From a man who could not see at all,

Smells the sweetest flowers in the rain.

Shall the scales be balanced,

Or could your heart weigh so much,

A burden in your chest?

Lay down your arms,

Lay aside your pride,

Speak from your divine soul

And allow the light to bathe

Every inch of your worn body.

Take my hand,

And allow redemption to cleanse you.


About Siofra |Nathifa|

A Druid and a Kemetic Pagan. I have studied Celtic Traditions, European Shamanism, the Fairy Faith, Native American Traditions, Wicca, Witchcraft and have explored New Age beliefs. I guess you could say I'm eclectic, but right now my focus is on Druidry and Kemetic Traditions. I am by no means, an expert in any of these interests. I am also a Bard in training.
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