The Little Hunter


Beyond the window

snow drifts down upon the pine,

though she gazes out,

it is not the snow she sees.

Little birds dance fervently around

barn shaped bird feeders,

Chickadees and finches,

causing her to emit

the smallest of meows. 

A Bluejay, bold and magnificent

chases the smaller birds away,

feathers more blue than the sky,

he is splendid like a

king among birds.

She continues to stare,

a small black creature

with yellow eyes the size

of large marbles

in fascination and annoyance,

as there shall always be

glass between them.

Each meow is a

heartfelt entreaty,

I gently touch her back,

causing her to give a small jump.

Distracted, she comes away with me,

how easily cats forget.



About Siofra |Nathifa|

A Druid and a Kemetic Pagan. I have studied Celtic Traditions, European Shamanism, the Fairy Faith, Native American Traditions, Wicca, Witchcraft and have explored New Age beliefs. I guess you could say I'm eclectic, but right now my focus is on Druidry and Kemetic Traditions. I am by no means, an expert in any of these interests. I am also a Bard in training.
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